Airwheel Smart Mask

Airwheel Smart Respirator Fresh Air Mask (F3)

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Block up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances


Aerodynamic system – filters air both on the inhale and exhale of each breath

Safe, hygienic, convenient – a soft silicone face shield that can be easily disinfected and that’s suitable for long, comfortable wear time

Intelligent detection – built-in sensors detect dynamic and static conditions and automatically adjust wind speed for more comfortable breathing

APP Smart Reminder – real time monitoring of the filter element

Kit Contents:

  • Each kit includes everything you see here!
  • Order additional Filters at the time of kit purchase and SAVE
  • Download the set up guide in English here or in French here.

Check with your healthcare provider before selecting a mask and for wearing guidelines. Prolonged use of a mask may not be recommended for you. 

Additionally, masks without an exhalation valve are required for in-flight air travel as per Transport Canada guidelines.  We're in the process of getting the Airwheel mask approved for in-flight air travel and will announce this change as soon as possible.  Check with your airline for current guidelines and compliance requirements before flying.  

Standard face shields included in the kit fit comfortably on most faces.  We'll work to bring additional face shield options to market as reflected by demand. Thank-you for your purchase!

FFP1 FFP2 K N95 Masks Certified CE FDA - Atril Solutions          CE Mark and certification - Ceam Italia

Breathe Easier….Stay Safe